Symposium - Registration Form

Title: Symposium of Canon Law
Date: 17 September 2017 - 20 September 2017
Place: Vranov u Brna, Czech Republic
Registration fee: 2900 CZK
Registration deadline: to 25 July 2017 (or up to full capacity)

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  Accomodation Breakfast Lunch Dinner
17.9. Ne/Po (Sun/Mon) UP
18.9. Po/Út (Mon/Tue) UB UP UP
19.9. Út/St (Tue/Wed) UB UP UP, SV
20.9. UB SU

UP – included in the participation fee
UB – included in the accommodation fee (Retreat Centre Vranov)
SU – separate payment (Retreat Centre Vranov)
– formal evening meal

For organizational purposes, we ask you to confirm your Sunday dinner (barbecue) attendance, thank you. This one and any other message for the organisers can be added to the NOTE field higher (diet etc.) 

Registration fee: 2900 CZK

Payment deadline: 25 July 2017. After this date, the not paid registrations will automatically be cancelled. The receipt confirming the payment will be given to the participants upon the Registration of all participants, during the first day of the Symposium.

It is also possible to follow the lectures without registration in the audio hall after paying the whole registration fee on the spot. For non-registered participants, meals and accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

Account number: 2973758319 / 0800
IBAN: CZ65 0800 0000 0029 7375 8319
BIC (swift code): GIBACZPX
Payment in Czech currency only.

After dispatching the registration form, variable symbol will be generated and displayed with all the other information. Use the symbol as well as your name to make your payment identifiable, thank you.

In case you need to issue an invoice, write to 

Accommodation information

Accommodation information

Retreat Centre Vranov u Brna (RC Vranov), twin- or more-bedded rooms. The accommodation payment includes breakfast and shall be made after arrival to the Retreat Centre. For more information, go to

Other accommodation possibilities:

(In case the capacity of the Retreat Centre Vranov is full or if you need a single room)

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Osobní zóna

Z minulého dění

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Reportáž o Akademii kanonického práva na Vranově u Brna v Křesťanském magazínu České televize naleznete na stránkách Křesťanského magazínu (reportáž byla odvysílána 23.12.2012).

Reportáž ze zahájení studia kanonického práva na Vranově u Brna naleznete na stránkách TV NOE (Zpravodajské Noeviny z 18. října 2012; od 2:25 vteřiny).